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semaine nationale du logement luxembourg

The Semaine Nationale du Logement brings together all those involved in housing in Luxembourg - institutions, government departments, public and private developers and financial institutions. and financial institutions.

Come and find out about new housing projects and find out about grants, financing and insurance solutions.

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Not ready to buy yet? A number of estate agents will be on hand to show you properties for rent and guide you through the process of putting your application together.

Do you already own a property and want to give it a new lease of life? This is also a good time to think about improving its energy efficiency and saving money at the same time.

Save time by avoiding travel: take advantage of the opportunity to meet all the players from the private and public sectors in one and the same place.

This year's highlights


Amongst the hundred exhibitors present during the week, you will find the country’s most renowned institutions and consulting centres that will be happy to advise you. Every year, local real estate agents come here to present their most impressive projects. So, it’s the event is definitely worth a visit.

Professional advisers

Architects and engineers from all over Luxembourg come together to share their knowledge with you.

Be sure not to miss the traditional OAI exhibition, where the most beautiful architectural projects are presented.

Housing projects

All major associations and institutions, including the Ministry of Housing, are gathered under one roof to advise you and help you realise your projects. It is a great opportunity to learn about legal aspects, intergenerational residences and other alternative housing concepts.

Make your dreams come true!

Are you thinking about buying a house, investing in a property or moving because your flat is becoming too small?

We would be happy to discuss your projects and ideas at the Semaine Nationale du Logement from 10th to 13th October 2024.

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Why visit the Semaine Nationale du Logement?

There are many reasons why you should stop by! The Semaine Nationale du Logement is a major event that brings together the Grand Duchy’s most important industry players. This makes it a great place to seek advice and discover the latest products and trends in the housing sector.


The Ministry is the initiator of the Semaine Nationale du Logement. It is organising this event together with Luxexpo The Box because it wants to make life easier for all current and future residents of Luxembourg. The Semaine Nationale du Logement is a real one-stop shop where all questions can be addressed.


Do something good for the environment while saving substantially! Every year the Semaine Nationale du Logement, brings together experts in energy optimization, insulation and renovation, to help you save money and support the environment. The Luxembourg state can support you in this process.


Are you bored of the classic apartments and terraced houses? Why not consider an alternative form of housing then, such as shared flats, intergenerational housing, tiny houses or a collective project?


Around twenty real estate agents from Luxembourg invite you to discover the latest districts, new development areas and other innovative concepts. New projects are literally sprouting out of the ground, so come along and see!


A dozen real estate agencies will be present to discuss exclusive offers and help you find real treasures. And if you are eligible, take advantage of the Housing Found (Fonds du Logement) and SNHBM's affordable housing.

Do you own a property that you would like to sell? This is also the time to discuss it with a professional and agree on an estimate.


The Semaine du Logement gives you the opportunity to find out about the offers available from the region's main banking institutions. Don't hesitate to come and compare these offers and benefit from exclusive advantages! What's more, brokers and insurance companies will be on hand to answer your questions and meet your needs.

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