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How to give an identity to your professional or private interior through colour

Description : The home, like our workplace, is a place where we spend a lot of time. Whatever its style - modern - classic - vintage - ethnic ..... - create a world in harmony with your personality and your desires and essentials, but where to start?

It all starts with the choice of colour. Discover how to choose your colours with the Luxembourgish paint brand Human-colors. And explore the projects carried out by the architecture agency EL'LE interior stories with Human-colors colours in the presence of Elodie Lenoir.

Speaker: Sandrine Monteiro, Founder of Human Colors, Elodie Lenoir founder of EL'LE Interior stories

Company: Human Colors

Language: French

Modular & off-site construction : Towards sustainable, innovative & affordable housing

Speaker: Xavier Mahy (Director) & Benedict Sargent (Business Development) DMD Modular (Industrial - Offsite Manufacturing/Poland) : Mrs Ewelina Wozniak (CEO)FAL (AIS & ABITATIO) : Mr Gilles Hempel (CEO)

Company: Oikos-concept Sarl

Language: French

Co-living: the sharing economy applied to real estate

Description : Have you heard of co-living?

Inspired by coworking, this is a key current trend in living: a house or building in which living spaces and offices are shared.

This new way of living together is pushing real estate to reinvent itself: whether it is residential, work, restaurant or leisure spaces.

Speaker: Nicolas Legay - co-founder of Cocoonut, Aurélien Dobbels - co-founder of Cocoonut

Company: Cocoonut

Language: French

Discover an innovative way to heat your home & bbq with coffee

Description : Hidden value is all around us, even in coffee waste - believe it or not. Coffee waste is said to have a higher energy value than wood, and burn both longer and hotter - meaning it is suitable for next summer's BBQ.

Project Capriole is a Luxembourg based circular economy project that aims to transform coffee waste into something useful - initially briquettes for BBQ and long term as a replacement for wooden pellets for heating homes.

Speaker: Marko Klacar, founder of the start-up Capriole

Company: Capriole

Language: English

Knowing Art: a unique and sustainable way to make your decoration vibrant

Speaker: Amandine Maroteaux

Company: Atelier Compostelle

Language : French

Working better at home and in the office

Description : New rhythms, new freedoms

The successive confinements of the year 2020 have forced us to spend more time in our homes.

At the heart of our daily lives and beyond the health crisis, the home is once again taking on a priority role in our lives.

At the same time, the return to the office has seen the emergence of new, more domestic practices.

Speaker: François Hannebicque ; Yves Elvinger

Company: Lonsdale branding & design agency & client testimonial with Yves Elvinger

Language: French

Discover the 2020 conferences

"Dare to have a different interior!"

Description: The conference focuses on the correct use of light colors in interiors and how to harmoniously combine original and unusual pieces.

Speaker Sandrine Monteiro ; Clotilde Filipucci

Company: Milkshake

Language: French

The future of housing

Description: Discover the most important trends of the future in the fields of housing, architecture, urban planning, and lifestyle. Mrs Oona Horx-Strathern, expert for futurology from the ZUKUNFTINSTITUT, will present her analyses. This conference is aimed at all those who want to understand possible future scenarios and make informed strategic decisions

Speaker: Oona Horx-Strathern


Language: English

Human colors

Description : SMO - Human Colors will present a collection of 100 shades designed by interior designer Sandrine Monteiro and produced by the Luxembourg company "Peintures Robin S.A.". The conference will look at the creation process and present the latest collection to spark your inspiration.

Speaker: Sandrine Monteiro

Company: SMO - Human Colors

Language: French - Luxembourgish

Design and interior design in the hotel and catering sector

Speaker: Gabriel Boisante

Language: French

New Ecological Housing for the Post-Covid Age

Description: Discover everything about the project that won the international competition for the development of a post-Covid city in the Xina area (China).

Speaker: Vincente Guallart

Language: English