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Awarded every four years by the Order of Architects and Consulting Engineers, the Bauhärepraïs gratifies private and public building owners. Candidates must provide successful projects that highlight their know-how in architecture, engineering and/or quality urban planning.

Find out more about the candidates and their projects

The OAI gives you the opportunity to discover the selected projects and those that participated in the competition. At a time when the Grand Duchy is undergoing profound changes in its urban and village areas due to strong demographic pressure, the Bauhärepraïs OAI underlines the know-how of those who are shaping the Luxembourg of today and tomorrow thanks to project owners who are banking on the culture of the built environment and developing the framework for our living together.

Don't miss the opportunity to discover the projects of this 6th edition of the Bauhärepräis.

Bauhärepreis Oai 2020 Spécial Jury 1

Special Prize for the Jury's Favourite goes to a Private Project Owner

Jury's comment: Great achievement by this private developer for a unique project offering more quality of life for the inhabitants and a successful integration into the environment.

Special Prize for New Forms of Housing.

Jury's comment: Although it is not a housing unit, its modular aspect allows such a use.

Nouvelle Forme D Habitat Oai 1

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